Fullup: Optimize Your Rental Operations, Enhance Your Service Quality

Fullup, a service of lemursman, LLC, is a revolutionary SaaS platform tailored for rental businesses seeking operational excellence. With our all-in-one solution, you can build a professional website, manage rental inventory with precision, and facilitate seamless online bookings.

Our integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT powers dynamic, automated content generation, ensuring your business stays ahead with fresh and engaging material. Embrace the future of rental management with Fullup and transform your business efficiency.

Unleash your rental business

Effortless Website Creation

Easily build a professional rental website with our robust website builder. Effortlessly showcase your inventory and attract clients with a sleek, mobile-responsive design.

Multi-Location Support

Seamlessly oversee multiple business locations. Our platform supports multi-location management, centralizing operations for efficiency and control.

Document Automation

Stay connected and work together seamlessly with real-time collaboration features that allow multiple team members to collaborate on projects simultaneously.

Inventory Control

Track your rental items with precision. Our inventory management ensures you have real-time insights into your assets, maximizing utilization.

Elevate Rental Management with Fullup

Unlock efficiency in your rental business with the Fullup platform. Seamlessly create a professional website, use ChatGPT for smart content, and manage bookings with ease.

For pick ups and deliveries. Define your delivery area on a map and set your delivery fee.
Track all payments with our Stripe integration.
Easy online booking.
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