Custom map-drawn delivery zones with tailored pricing for efficient area-specific rental services.

Optimize Delivery with Fullup's Custom Area Feature

Elevate your rental service with Fullup's custom delivery area capability, where convenience meets precision. Define multiple delivery zones with ease by drawing on a map, setting distinct delivery prices for each area. Our intuitive map integration makes this process a breeze, enhancing your operational efficiency.

Craft Your Delivery Domain with Precision

Harness the power of Fullup's dynamic delivery area tool to carve out your service zones with unparalleled accuracy. Our user-friendly map interface allows you to set specific delivery perimeters, enabling you to establish clear delivery zones and corresponding fees with just a few clicks.

Seamless Delivery Area Exploration on Your Site

Incorporate Fullup's drag-and-drop content block into your website with our builder, allowing customers to explore delivery areas and pricing seamlessly. This interactive feature enriches the customer experience, providing clear insight into your delivery logistics. Fullup's website builder brings you closer to your customers by showcasing your delivery capabilities directly on your platform.